Email from the Future


What will the world look like in 2084 if we do everything right for the next 50 years?

“A compelling series of speculations about what the next century will be like… Not only readable, but deeply thought-provoking.” —Kirkus Reviews

Email From the Future: Notes from 2084 is a classic Utopian novel: a vision for the year 2084.

The story takes the form of a mysterious emailed manuscript, written by Aldus, an aging robot repairman living in New Williamsburg, Ohio. Aldus is writing a personal history of the century for his only grandson, Luca. 

Born in 2010, Aldus becomes an early foot soldier in the War on the Warming, a decades-long campaign of rescue missions after catastrophic weather events as well as the construction of giant decarbonization factories and the regreening of the planet. And the War on the Warming leads to broader social change: full automation, living income, a more equitable and far happier society.

Heartfelt, hopeful, and often humorous—a Utopian novel in the truest sense—Email From the Future blends fact and fiction to spin a detailed picture of the future.  From climate change, education, space travel, and religion to sex, food, crime, politics and even gaming, Michael describes the world of 2084. And more importantly, how we might survive long enough to actually get there.


By the time I was ten years old, in 2020, Generation Z already had an unfortunate reputation. Most adults expected us to grow up to be idiots, addicted to the virtual world, consuming meaningless content day and night.

Now your generation hears instead all sorts of heroic bravado about our role in the War on the Warming; the War has inspired contemporary storytellers in the same way that World War II did 20th century writers and filmmakers. And in the retellings, the War has become an idealized, swash-buckling romantic era, and Gen Z is called the “Boldest Generation.” Actually, I think we should be called the Resilient Generation—that’s the quality that describes us best.

New Williamsburg, Ohio
June 2, 2084

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