Trash Bags in the Cloud

IMG_1103Today I was shopping for trash bags in an Italian supermarket.  The Italians seem to make a large number of different sized trashbags, all measured in centimeters, and for some reason, I can never remember the exact sizes that we use.  So a few months ago I photographed the labels of the correct sizes and uploaded them to the extremely useful Evernote app, so I can just take out my phone, search “trashbags” and there’s the picture.

It made me think about how wearable computers will change that simple action.  In another few years I’ll have a wrist computer (not a watch–see my thoughts on that here).  It will have voice recognition, so I’ll just murmur, “Hey wrist, trashbags?”, glance down and the correct labels will be displayed.

And then a few years after that I’ll have smart glasses.  I mean really smart glasses.  They will know, through video, that I’m in the trashbag aisle. When I hesitate more than a few seconds in front of the trashbag choices, the image of the correct labels will float up in my vision.  It will be, in fact, not much different than my own process of remembering–except the brain that’s doing the remembering will be somewhere in the cloud.

Although, come to think of it, some people say that's where my brain is most of the time anyway....