“You hit a home run with this group. Longtime bar association executives who can be somewhat jaded were particularly enthusiastic about your presentation.”
“Michael presents as though he is talking with you versus at you. He's someone you would love to be seated next to at any event!”
“My thanks for stretching the minds of our members. Mission accomplished!!”
“We were absolutely delighted with your presentation and have received very positive feedback from management and customers alike.”
“Yours was one of the best convention speeches we have had, both fascinating and apropos to the times.”
“A number of the attendees considered your presentation the highlight of the conference.”
“They were all abuzz about your keynote remarks and still referring to it this morning.”
“Some futurists are good storytellers with plenty of charisma but no 'wisdom' or experience and others have loads of experience but no charisma. You demonstrated both.”
“Thank you for your excellent talk. The range of topics you addressed was thought-provoking and exactly on target with the theme, "Building Bridges to the Future.”
“Your thought-provoking comments generated much discussion and were exactly what we needed to close out our meeting.”
“We especially liked your storytelling. It led to a sense of excitement and sparked quite a dialogue among our team.”
“Your knowledge, expertise, insights and charisma educated our audience and stimulated us to think about where we could be in the near future.”
“You were wonderful! What a treat to listen to you contemplate what is ahead.”

Michael Rogers is a different kind of futurist—one who combines real business experience with technology skills. Add to that the keen eye of an award-winning investigative journalist and the storytelling skill of a novelist, and you have The Practical Futurist.

Michael is a dynamic speaker who delivers an entertaining and common-sense vision of change for business and individuals, blending technology, economics, demographics, culture and human nature.

His recent work has ranged from serving as Futurist-In-Residence for The New York Times to writing the popular Practical Futurist column for MSNBC. He speaks and consults for clients worldwide, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and is a frequent guest on radio and television.

Michael Rogers
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